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Falguni Rahman Jolly Bangladeshi Actress Biography- Photos

Falguni Rahman Jolly is the new product of jaaz Multimedia, oe of the leading production house in Bangladesh. As Jaaz and Mahiya Mahi has conflicts, Jaaz are replacing her with Falguni Rahman Jolly and RJ Nusrat Faria. Jolly has been selected for search program in heroine role by jazz.

Falguni Rahman Jolly 3

Falguni Rahman Jolly is naive in acting as she has no carrier previously in any media. Jolly expects she will success dedicating her best in the career. She knows she is new comer in acting so she is mentally prepared to cross the boundouries by practicing quickly.

Falguni Rahman Jolly 2

Jolly prefer Shabnur as a Bangladeshi actor more. She is a fan of her. She expressed that Shabnur can act well to make laughing and crying the audience easily. This is the theme of all good actresses. She had dream to be a be an actress like Shabnur. When she get the news from jaaz multimedia that she is selected she felt extreme joys.Now her dream going to be true.

Falguni Rahman Jolly 1

Jolly is in practice now for prepering her for the movie in India arranged by Jaaz multimedia. She learnt singing and dancing from Shishu Academi when she was a child. She has a level certification, studied from Gulshan International School, Dhaka. She is the third child in her family. Selim Chowdhury is her father, he is a businessman.
Shaheen Chowdhury is her mother who is a housewife. Jolly is living in Dhaka from her childhood.

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Her first movie will be upcoming bangla movie Nioti by Jaaz Multimedia. If she wants to work oustside of Jaaz multimedia she need to obtain permission from Jaaz.

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